This is Ladmo

Hims a good boy

Ladmo and I share a very special bond, not to mention the fact that we are quite similar in our traits, devotions and even habits. To explain Ladmo would be very much to explain myself. Ladmo has a sincere dedication to the task at hand, and will always see a project complete to his greatest ability. Whether it's devouring a block of cheese or leaving little gifts for Mom and Dad around the house, Ladmo is the best at what he does. And what he does, is gets the job done. Ladmo is well known for being a great communicator and working well with others. With two older brothers of the feline demographic, Ladmo always keeps a positive outlook and clear mind under stressful situations. With a childlike eagerness for a fresh start each morning, Ladmo has very much to offer our family, and is always ready to lead the way with each new step forward.

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